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WhatsApp Web – Scan WhatsApp Web on PC

Whatsapp web gives you access to sending messages, pictures, and short videos directly from your PC through browsers call Google chrome. Therefore, you can send a message, pictures, and short videos to your friends and family directly from your PC.

However, Whatsapp is one of the general messaging applications use online. Lots of people in the entire world are using Whatsapp. In Fact, it has been the most and fast means of communication from one end to another.

WhatsApp Web

In fact, Whatsapp has over 200 million active users on a daily basis. The web allows those that like to send a message through their PC to get access to their account. Nevertheless, if you want to log on from the web, it must be through Google chrome.

Furthermore, before you can use the Whatsapp web. You must have signed up for the Whatsapp account right from your phone. Nonetheless, you can’t register for a Whatsapp account form the web.

Moreover, if you wish to install the app on your phone it means you have to update Whatsapp on your phone. To the recent version, for the entire feature to work brilliantly, once it is updated you will be able to view the latest Whatsapp web.

Honestly, one good thing about the app is that once you start using it, no one will notice where you are sending your message from neither from a Smartphone nor from your PC.  It allows you to connect your Smartphone to your PC once your Android has data.

In addition, it is just a computer build expansion of WhatsApp that allows you to send and received a message from your computer and phone. The WhatsApp web and your phone Whatsapp are synced.

Therefore, both works together, any messages sent from your phone will appear on your computer. However, you can view and have access to your Whatsapp right from your computer.

Scan WhatsApp Web on PC

Before you can access the Whatsapp web on your PC it has to be used from the google chrome browser. Therefore, if you don’t have the mobile app on your phone it means you have to download it on your phone.

Before you can go ahead to set up WhatsApp on your PC.  With this, you will be able to use every feature that is on Whatsapp with ease. Therefore, to access the Whatsapp web on your PC with ease, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to web.whatsapp.com
  • Open the app from the phone, from  the chat screen tap on more option
  • Next, tap on the WhatsApp web
  • Scan through the QR code with your phone, make sure your phone is close to your PC screen
  • When it is prepared your PC will automatically show the entire messages on your android

I Can’t Scan My WhatsApp Web

In fact, a lot of people usually find it difficult to scan the Whatsapp web. While some people complain of not being able to connect their phone to their PC, these may be due to some possible issues. However, let see some of the likely causes.

  • Wrong connectivity
  • Possible web scan timeout
  • Lake of internet connection
  • Poor network
  • An unclear camera on Phone

Bottom Line

If you are using the Whatsapp web from your PC you don’t need to disconnect your phone. Once you take away your phone from your PC you will lose everything. All you have to do if you mistakenly disconnected your phone is to start all over. Mind you, the web has no storage capacity. Which means nothing is been stored on the PC.

However, it is basically designed for the user to have easy access to their Whatsapp page while using a PC. Therefore, if you are yet to connect your PC to the Whatsapp web you can make a smart move and get it connected. In fact, it synced directly with the mobile app, to allow users to be able to chat with ease from their PC.

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