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Download WhatsApp Beta with Ease on Android

The WhatsApp messenger beta is a version of WhatsApp that is not yet open to every member of the public. In fact, the Beta version is used to get a new program running. Some selected users are been given the opportunity to make use of the app before it gets to the general public.

Therefore as you read on you will discover how you can download the WhatsApp beta. The WhatsApp beta is free to download you don’t need to make any down payment before downloading it. The free messaging application is available for anyone that wants to download.

WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Messenger beta is a check that is run on a program that helps test how a particular feature will function. Nevertheless, it is applied that allows features in a new update to run on the program. However, the WhatsApp beta is all about the dark theme for Android users.

Whatapps Messenger is just like every other message app that gives users the ability to chat with ease. Nevertheless, Whatsapp messenger is one of the fastest means that people use for sending a message across the world. Furthermore, before you can use the app to send a message, the other person you are sending a message to most also have the app.

In addition, Whatsapp can run on any ios and Android phone because the operating system is compatible with any Android or ios phone. In essence, it means you can use WhatsApp to chat with any of your friends that are on WhatsApp as well, in spite of the device they are using.

Whatsapp user can use the messenger app to forward voice messages, images. Nevertheless, your friends can add you to any group and you too can also create a group and add some of your friends to your WhatsApp group.

In fact, you can decide to make a group call, for people that usually use the app for making a video call. This is a great advantage for you because WhatsApp has added new features that allow users to make group calls.

How to Download WhatsApp Beta

  • Update your WhatsApp version to the recent android beta
  • However, if you have updated your WhatsApp already and you can’t notice the feature
  • Just navigate to the play store and reinstall Whatsapp
  • After that scroll down and look out for an option to be a beta tester and click on it
  • Next, you will see a small box by the side that said i’m IN click on it

Download WhatsApp for Android

You can download WhatsApp for android and have a test to the additional features before it gets to the general public. Whatsapp is open to every iPhone and Android users, WhatsApp has no hidden fees.  Therefore, go ahead and download the app messenger for free with ease.

With the WhatsApp beta, you can have a test of the WhatsApp dark mode. Therefore, if you are yet to download the recent version of WhatsApp 2.20.60 you can make a smart move to download and have a test of the dark mode.

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