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Web for Instagram Upload Multiple Photos with the new Features

The long waiting is over for those that use Instagram, you can finally post, view, and message on your chrome desktop through the web for Instagram. You can now post directly to your Instagram account with ease from your computer. Using the web for Instagram has made Instagram go beyond merely social media.

In fact, this new feature gives users the ability to take pictures with their phone and upload it directly to their computers. Nevertheless, users can also post images and videos directly to their accounts. Previously when Instagram came out, it happens to be posing as a social platform where people can showcase their brands.

Then it seems to discourage a lot of users. But with the new web for Instargarm features, several people have to be up to their toes just to see how the new feature really looks like and how it works.

With the new web for Instagram, you don’t need to edit image or videos and then transfer it to your smartphone. Once you edit your image or video all you have to do is to upload it straight away to your Instagram account.

Web for Instagram Desktop Features

Creating sharing posts from your Instagram account has become easy with the help of the Web for Instagram. However, in the month of May, a lot of near closes came up informing Instagram users about the new feature that was about to roll out.

In fact, the new feature is much available for everyone to see. The notification can be found below that is whenever you log in to your Instagram account through your mobile phone.

How to access web for Instagram

Using the Instagram web version is pretty easy; all you need to do is to navigate to Instagram.com from any web browser of your choice. Log in to your Instagram account lookout for the news feed tab. This will look like what you normally see on your Instagram mobile app.

In fact, the process is similar just like the app. Scroll down the post in your news feed allows you to communicate with your friends the same way just as the app on your phone. Furthermore, you can also comment and share using the share button.

You can also have access to different icons which can be found on the top right of your computer screen.  The heart button icon is not left out; this can be found at the top of your computer screen. One-click on it will show you a rundown of your entail recent post.

To view your profile choose the user icon, this is the page that other Instagram users see once they click on your name. However, anyone can access your profile and view your entail pictures since your profile is public.

A lot of people don’t really like it when strangers check on their profile. what you have to do set your profile to private if you don’t want an unfamiliar person to see your post from time to time.  

Restriction using Web for Instagram

Sure there are certain things that you cannot do using the Instagram web. Although you can do several things via the web which gives users great pleasure. But the limitation that involves it may want you to use the app on your mobile device.

There are things you can’t do except making use of the app. for an instant you can’t link up with your friends with Facebook. Nevertheless, you can’t post media content and share your stories. However, you can decide to use the interface which props up a picture by selecting an image filter.

Instagram Web New Features 2021

  • Amazing disappearing messages feature
  • Ability to turn off audio on live Instagram video
  • Alternative to remix on reels
  • Option to convert words into text
  • Caption sticker
  • The create interface on the Instagram store
  • Countdown regulator on Instagram stories
  • Ability to post to several accounts
  • You can upload many photos at a time
  • Activity status

How to easily upload Multiple Photos and Videos on your Instagram Stories

  • Go to your Instagram stories
  • Tap on the camera image at the top left
  • Then swipe from the bottom of your screen to upward
  • Once this is done your camera roll will automatically open
  • Next look for the multiple post images
  • Then, select the photos that you want to add to your story
  • Make a new post and tap on the next
  • Rework on every slide as needed
  • Once you are done, tap next once more and share.

How to get the New Features

  1. You can reboot your device

2. Log off and on your device

3. You have to meet the requirements

4. Reinstall the app

5. Make sure you device have a large storage capacity

6. Be sure that you follow the right process

7. Mind you as not all features are accessible to every person

8. Manually update your Instagram app

9. Be sure that your device is connected to an internet source

10. Once you have made use of the entail above instruction it means the new features are not available in your country.

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