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Tutanota safe email – Tutanota features and plans

Tutanota offers perhaps one of the best safe emails that give users the confidence that their email is well secure. It provides its users with an end-to-end zero information email that goes beyond securing your data.

Nevertheless, the flexibility back up makes it more secured, one thing I really like about Tutanota is that it allows its users to send encrypted emails to those that are not using Tutanota.

However, iOS, Android, and website user interfaces can be easily accessible; a lot of people have been using the Tutanota email. If you are looking for a safe email service provider then you don’t need to go further. It totally helps you to get rid of those that may like to spy on your email.

If your major concern is about a secure email then Tutanota is the perfect secure email service provider. However, in this article, I will give out some other alternative secure emails that will also help you protect your business email.

One major problem that a lot of email users always come across is security. In fact, so many email service providers use the OpenPGP and which doesn’t encrypt and ideal with email topics.

Download the Tutanota free secure email on your mobile phone and enjoy using the app on your device. The app is available for android and ios users. With the app you can also send and receive mail with ease, you can access your contact from any of your devices.   

Tutanota Safety

One of the main strength of Tutanota is its safety, its ability to protect it users email through AES-128 symmetric encryption. In fact, from time to time encryption is being carried out on your device and further sent through an SSL/TLS channel. This process is to make sure that the user experienced end-to-end encryption.

Another good thing about Tutanota is that it makes use of its privacy options. That complicates the subject matter of emails and also the name of attachments. Furthermore, with the zero-knowledge method of your account, no one else except you will be able to know your account password.

The other two major facts that make Tutanota security more powerful are the support for TOTP and U2F. These two factors help in verification as well. Therefore, you can decide to lock your account at any time. Get free from been track with the Tutanota safe email, that comes with a groundbreaking full-text search. Which allows you to search your mailbox with ease.

It Features

  • Ability to send confidential messages to other email users
  • Every private email is secure by a password
  • You can create your email service section with any colors of your choice
  • People can only contact you through a secure means
  • A programmed end-to-end email connecting you and your user.
  • Self confidential password reset that gives Tutanota no right of entry into your account
  • Available mobile apps for apps Android Ios and also desktop apps for Linux, macOS, and windows.

Tutanota Plans

Signing up to make use of the email is pretty easy. Well as you may not know that Tutanota has about four different plans. The first plan is a free plan for an individual and it has a limited search operation. Furthermore, you will only be entitled to one secure datebook which comes with about 1.GB of storage space.

However, the Tutanota paid plans allowed users to pay monthly or per annum. Therefore, plans are base on your country of residence. In fact, annual plans usually received a 15% discount as part of their price cut for the year. Here are some of the plans.

The Teams Plan

This plan has about 10.GB storage space for the user and cost about $5.60 for every month with an additional $280 for the supplementary user. Nevertheless, under this plan subscribers will be able to share calendars with another user.

The Pro Plan

The pro plan gives users the ability to modify their logo and customizes colors of their choice. On this plan, the storage volume is shared by all users. However, users can decide to get an extra storage space which is about $70 every month. The monthly cost for this plan is $8.44

Premium Plan

In fact, this is the lowest paid plan. It cost $1.40 it gives users access to search unlimited and to gain access to various calendars. A lot of people subscribe to this plan maybe because of the amount. The premium plan allows users to make use of at least five different aliases.

Tutanota Alternatives

  • proton mail
  • Mailbox

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