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Top 20 Electric Bikes for easy commuter

If you have ever ridden on the electric bike and the normal bike you will know the difference. Both bikes can move you from one point to another, but electric bikes are more comfortable to ride on than normal bikes. The electric bike is a good innovation and it has come to stay, if you are a bike lover I will say congratulation to you.

Electric Bikes

In fact, electric bikes which are also known as e-bike comes in a different classes. All you have to do is to decide on which e-bike that you will like to pick. However, as you continue reading I will give out some of the types of e-bikes that are available.

One good thing about the e-bike is that it covers more distance with ease than the normal bike. Nevertheless, the electric bike has a high-rise handlebar that gives you the ability to move fast off-road without exchanging wheels.

Electric bikes are good for commuting, mostly for those that live in a very populated city where there is a lot of traffic. Making use of the e-bike in an occupied city will make your journey to your place of work easy. Several people are switching from their normal bikes to electric bikes.

Categories of Electric Bike

Electric bikes are categories base on the power that is able to motor the bike through electric means. However, these electric bikes vary, a lot of electric bikes are accessible in the world today.

Getting one is a personal decision that you have to make. What you have to fully understand is that the e-bikes break into two classes. The first class of bikes is the one that helps riders to pedal their bike while the second class is the choke integrated moped.

Top 20 Comfortable Electric Bikes

  • Ride1 up LMT’D
  • Ancheer 20MPH
  • Swagtron EB5
  • Ancheer 26
  • Hicient
  • Ancheer Folding
  • Angotrade
  • Priority Embark
  • Speedrid Fatbike
  • Ancheer 27.5
  • Ecotric 26”
  • Ancheer e-cruiser
  • Speedrid Folding e-bike
  • Ecotric snow e-bike
  • Ancheer lightweight
  • Tern vektron S10
  • Cannondale Quick Neo SL
  • Tern GSD S00 LX
  • Gazelle Ultimate C380
  • VanMoof S3

How durable are Electric Bikes

E-bike can last up to 12 years if it is used very well. In some cases it can last longer it all depends on the usage. However, it also has to do with the type of bike that you bought. For your e-bike to last longer all you really need is good care, doing the needful when needed, like replacing some parts from time to time.

Therefore if you are doing part replacement on your bike from time to time it will help your bike to last long.  Taking care of your electric bike regularly will make your e-bike last long.

Just as you know that maintenance is key, taking a proper look at how long an e-bike can last. Another thing that you need to have in mind is wear and tear. This fact is normal it occurs to everything on earth. The way you also make use of your bike is also a factor that determines how long will your electric bike will last.

How to make your Electric Bike Long Last

  • Keep your bike away from elements
  • Always put your tires in a good shape
  • Store your e-bike from snow and rain
  • On no account store your battery at full
  • Keep your e-bike away from dust and dirt
  • Always check your bolts
  • Keep your electric bike away from rusty parts
  • Store your e-bike battery In between 40% to 80%
  • Keep your e-bike motor away from dust

 However, every electric bike is designed to last longer, with good care. Mind you no part of the machinery is built to last forever. Therefore, you have to properly take care of your e-bike and maintain it at all times. Treat your electric bike just the way you treat every gadget.

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