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Telegram – Amazing Telegram Features You Should Try

Telegram is a great alternative for SMS messaging and it also has great amazing features that most users are yet to discover. Most users only make use of the messaging aspect and neglect other features. Telegram app is much available for Android and iOS users.

However, those that are using Windows phone, Linux, Windows, and macOS are not left out as they can also download the app. There are some useful features that you might have probably overlook on telegram. Not knowing that such features are in telegram.

In fact, most people only believe that telegram is purposely designed for sending messages only. Therefore, if you are yet to move beyond the basics, it means you are missing a lot out of the Telegram features. Furthermore, it is available in various languages like English, German language, Dutch, Spanish, and many more.

The app is easy to use and fast in the delivery of messages. In fact, it is one of the fastest app messaging app. The app is free to download and it gives users free access to easily chat and send videos to other users. However, as you continue reading this article you will learn how you can use other amazing features of telegram.

Amazing Telegram Features

  • Secret Chat

You can secretly chat on telegram without the notice of anyone, if one party from the other end deleted a message it will automatically delete from both party devices. Furthermore, you can easily create a secret chat that makes use of user to user end encryption.

The entire Telegram chats are encrypted, non-attendance chats are stored upon the telegram servers. Therefore, it easily allows you to get access to your messages from any device with ease. Nevertheless, it might as well raise security worry.

  • Ability to share your live location

You can share your location for your safety, for people to be able to keep eyes on you. Sharing your location I believe is a good idea, it makes other people see your current location. Therefore, you can decide to share your live location or not.

 To share your location all you have to do is to open a chat and tap on the paper snip button and select a location to share. However, you can decide to share your location manually. Share live location repeatedly updates for the time being that you identify.

  • Take charge of your privacy setting

This is another amazing feature; you may decide to make your account to be on private. Telegrams also add helpful security options on the menu. The security option allows users to create a code, that helps prevent others from reading your messages.

Therefore, to change your privacy option settings go to setting and tap on privacy and security. From here you can decide to change who can view your phone number and see your active status. Furthermore, you can change how long you want telegram to delete your account once there is no activity from you.

  • Modify your Telegram

It gives users the opportunity to modify the look of their page. You can adjust the background color of your telegram. You can set up a theme to make your telegram look differently. Furthermore, you can also set it to your own test.

To change the theme all you have to do is to navigate to the settings, tap on the chat setting on your Android phone. On your iOS tap on the Appearance, from here you can change the theme to any color of your choice. Your telegram chats background can also be changed as well, where you will find a different color background.

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