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Taobao – How to easily Shop from Taobao | Buy Directly from China through Taobao English Version

Taobao is one of the most visited e-commerce stores online in China. Nevertheless, it is also one of the biggest online stores. You can buy directly from china from wherever you through Taobao online store. In fact, you don’t need to understand the Chinese language before you can shop from the Taobao store online.

The Taobao store has some professional agents that can assist you to purchase items, from the online store and get them to deliver to you. You can search for what you want by going through the pages online. Therefore, you can experience a new way of shopping online internationally with ease from china.

Get the best of items from the biggest china’s online store; all you have to do is to search for the item at Millions of people are visiting the site daily to place orders for different kinds of items. The price difference makes a lot of sense, it will make you come back and order for more items.

Their prices are quite friendly, no online marketplace can beat their prices.  Furthermore, what you order for is what you will get. The exact image of the particular. However, as you read on you will get to understand how you can easily buy items from the Taobao chine site with ease, and get them to deliver to you from the comfort of your home.

Easy steps on how to shop from Taobao

Since Taobao is a Chinese website what is expected to be seen is every word written in the Chinese language. However, these don’t have to discourage you from shopping from the site. One thing I want you to understand is that you need a Chrome browser, for you to be able to shop from the Taobao site.

I said you need the Google Chrome browser is because it allows you to easily click on the translator button. To translate words from the Chinese language to the English language on the page. Since most people can’t read Chinese it is advisable to have the Google Chrome browser on your device. However, you can follow the guide below to buy online directly from china.

You need to create an account and register by right-clicking anywhere on the page. The English translator will come up, tap on it and every word will automatically turn to English. Once you have done setting up your account, you can go ahead to buy directly.

Buy Directly from China

Go through the site to look for the items that you really want to buy. Therefore, you have to scroll through many pages to search for what you want. Nevertheless, if you know the particular items that you are searching for you can easily enter the name of the item on the top space. That is provided for searching and enter the keyword of the item.

You can select as many items that you want, once you are done with the selection add them to your cart.  Next, tap on the payment option after that you will be directed to key in your shipping information. Such as your name, phone number, address, and your postal code, click on the confirm button.

Next, you will be taken to where you can make your payment. Create a simple payment password, which you can easily remember. Enter your credit card details and follow the steps.

However, to enjoy the very best of the site you need to be friendly with the site. Once you keep on making use of the site you will understand in and out of the site. The only way to get the very best of the site is by using the Google translator it will rescue you from wandering on the site.

Therefore, you should not forget to put on the translator button for easy access. The Taobao agents are also available on the ground to help you purchase any kind of item.

However, if you are finding it difficult to make use of the Taobao English translator, you can get across to the Taobao professional agent. That can help you source out the products that you want, not only from Taobao but also from other online stores in China.

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