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Spotify: Effortlessly Download Spotify on your Phone and Laptop

Gets the music playing on all day long with Spotify even without having an internet connection on your device. If you love listening to music and you want to get the best out of it, all you have to do is to subscribe to any of the Spotify plans. You can make payments ranging from premium, family, student, and individual plans.

Once you subscribe for any of the above planes you can go ahead to download any of your preferred music through your computer or smartphone. Therefore, you can take your music experience to a higher level by getting connected through the Spotify streaming service and download with ease.

Nevertheless, Spotify allows users to download directly to their device, which gives users the opportunity to listen to music offline. Furthermore, you can also download more songs once you are on the premium plane.

Those that are on other planes can download songs but not as much as the premium plane. One good thing about the premium plane is that users can download up to 15,000 songs.

For those that are always on the move on air, all you have to do is to switch your phone mode once it shows the offline mode your phone will automatically be connected to download. Go through your phone and tap on the download where you will see all your download songs.


If you are searching for music to listen to, Spotify streaming service is available all over the globe. No matter where you are you can stream music with ease. Download your favorite songs from Spotify the home of media service.

However, Spotify is a well-known media service provider with over 150 million subscribers all over the world. Therefore, get access to your preferred songs and enjoy the very best of songs on Spotify with over 355 million active users across the globe.

If you are still wondering how Spotify works, well that is easy. You need to navigate o the Google play store to get the app and is also much available on windows and Ios. Those that are using mac they are not left out as Spotify is available on the Mac OS X Current10.5. It can also be accessible on other platforms such as Windows Mobile, Chromebook, and Linux.

How to Effortlessly Download Spotify on your Phone

Before you can download Spotify on your device make sure you have an internet connection that is connected to your phone. Once you are able to download the Spotify on your Android or iPhone you are on the right track.  To get the full detail on how you can easily download music on your phone through Spotify simply sticks to the walk way below.

  • Navigate to the play store to download the app on your Android and those that are using iPhone can easily download the app through the app store.
  • Once this done go to your Spotify account to set it up
  • Tap on the Library and select the playlist of songs that you wish to download
  • Next, you have to tap on the download button right on the playlist; once the toggle goes green the song on the playlist will automatically download
  • With no going back you have to tap on the download button that will enable you to download the songs directly into your playlist. To further ease your listen to songs when you are not connected online and save your data

How to Effortlessly Download Spotify on your Laptop

  • Go directly to your Spotify premium account
  • Select the particular songs that you wish to download from the playlist
  • Next, click on the download button and allow it to proceed
  • Once the song on the playlist is been downloading, a green sign that will indicate that downloading is in progress.

How to Sort out Songs Downloaded

This is very easy, but a lot of people find it difficult to sort out music. What you just really have to do is to follow all the necessary steps that will be provided.

  • Navigate to your library and tab on the albums
  • Next, you have to swipe through before you see a search bar
  • very close to the search bar you will see a little button written filters
  • Tab right on the button and it will automatically filter all your download songs

How can I Log into Spotify

You can follow the guide below to login to Spotify, you can do this through the official home page of Spotify.

  • Search for the sign-up button and click on it
  • Provide your email address and verify it
  • Next, you have to provide a strong password that you can easily remember
  • Enter your personal information such as your name, gender, date of birth, and many more.

However, you can decide to change your Spotify account whenever you wish to, all you have to do is to go directly into your account information and click on the edit profile to change your account settings.

Once you are done with the account changes and if it doesn’t work, it means you have signed up with your Facebook account. However, if you signed up with your Facebook account you wouldn’t be able to disconnect your Spotify account from your Facebook. So what you need to do is to close your Spotify account and open a new account not with Facebook this time around but with your email.

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