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Social Media and its Harmful effects on you

Spending longer hours on social media can affect your mental health; once you become addicted to social media you can suffer some harmful effects. If you can’t go the whole day without viewing social media you are addicted. Considering the time that people spend online engaging on different sites can be mind-blowing.

Spending a lot of time on social media can have certain effects on your health. Nevertheless, anything that takes too much of your time may have some harmful effects on you. However, once you can’t do without going online it means you are fallen prey to the force of social media that most people found themselves.

In fact, the way social media is fast spreading in recent times, it obvious that a lot of people will grab its necessary benefits. Therefore, for everything that you do, there is a need for you to add moderations to it. Nevertheless, this has imparted both helpful and harmful ways to everyone.

Moreover, the harmful effects of social media are too authentic for too many users, as you could see several people spending hours browsing on a daily basis. However, let proceed and have a look at some of the harmful effects.

Social Media Harmful Effects on you                                             

  1. Easily Addicted

You can easily get addicted to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. In fact, the addictive fraction of social media can be harmful and it could affect your personal lives. However, the teens are mostly affected by these so-called social media of a thing.

Most people can’t do without checking their Facebook page a whole day. It has become a strong force that draws people to check their social account page. Social media could be so addictive than what you could imagine. Once you become addictive you will spend most of your time online going from one social networking to another.

2. Not wanting to miss out

Several people don’t want to miss out on the social network, they want to know everything that is going on. For this reason, most users will constantly check their media account to see if they have any message. A lot of people spend the whole day on their Instagram feed to see if anyone has posted anything new.

The fear of not wanting to miss out can make you worry and this will make you spend most of your time. However, this could probably affect your well being and everything that has to do with your life.

3. Cyber Harassment

Gone are the days when harassment where done face to face, these days’ people harass each other online through chatting and other means. One good thing about social media is that it helps connect people from different places together and it can also tear people apart through cyber harassment.

Cyber Harassment often leaves scars on so many people. Nevertheless, it can also lead to committing some funny things. The online attack makes a lot of people suffer depression which could lead to loss of life. Cyber harassment is one thing that could cause harmful effects on you. 

4. Poor Sleep

It is quite clear that people who normally use their devices at night before going to bed will suffer poor sleeping conditions. However, this is common among young people. So many users have suffered bad sleeping circumstances.

 Therefore, browsing before going to bed at night can affect your sleep. In fact, numerous teens usually move from one social media to another at night causing them to go to bed late. However, if you notice that your sleeping patterns have reduced, there is a need for you to lower the time that you spend on the phone mostly at night.

5. Social Isolation

Most People can spend more than 5 hours on social media and this can lead to social isolation. Separating yourself from others, this will make you stay away from most of your friends. In fact, the more time you spend online the more you isolate yourself.

However, social isolation is one of the most horrible things in the life of a human. Once you start isolating yourself through the social network it will affect you mentally and physically. One of the online media that will make you isolate yourself totally from your friends and family member is Facebook.

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