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Snapchat Support- Get direct assistance from Snapchat customer service

Several people usually got exhausted whenever they have issues with their Snapchat account, just because they don’t know who to contact for assistance. However, this article will put you through how you can easily contact the Snapchat support customer service.

In view of the fact that Snapchat does not give out its customer service phone number and email address. Users find it difficult to send emails or put a call across to the customer service team. With over 200 million users on daily basis, a lot of users still have some technical issues to fix and different types of questions waiting for answers.

Since Snapchat didn’t provide its phone number to its users, you can navigate to the Snapchat support website. All you have to do is to find some of the questions that are frequently asked. Go through all the questions where you will come across some related questions that received instant answers that are similar to yours.

If the above tricks those not work out for you or those not meet your issues you can follow the guideline that is below.

How to get direct Assistance from Snapchat Customer Service

  • Navigate to the Snapchat app on your device
  • Then tap on the bitmoji image at the top left corner of your screen
  • Next, tap on the cog sign that is on the right side
  • Look out for the more information section and tap on it
  • A drop list of menu will appear then tap on support
  • Choose from the list of categories where your issue falls on
  • If you can find your issues from the drop list of category
  • Go to where you will find a gray block that state need “help with something else”
  • Tap on the YES box by your left
  • Once you tap on the YES, a form will be automatically sent to you
  • Fill in all the necessary information needed and don’t forget to state your experiencing issues
  • Once you are through, tap on the send button

How long will I wait to get a response from Snapchat support

In fact, Snapchat does not state the exact time when users will get a response from the Snapchat support. Going through all the above processes to fix your issue doesn’t guarantee that you will get feedback on your issues.

Nevertheless, you may perhaps get faster assistance from the support team if you are a Twitter user. Now let me tell you how this works, all you need to do is to forward a tweet to Snapchat support. With this, you will receive a response in few hours.

 This works pretty well the Snapchat support account on Twitter is regularly offering assistance to millions of Snapchat users. Using these tricks to get your issue fix can really be of help to other users as well.

Once you send your issue to the Snapchat support, the support service can ask you for other relevant information just to be sure that the Snapchat account belongs to you.

Unfortunately, the support team cannot respond to every issue; imagine about 20 million users with different issues to fix on a daily basis. Therefore, what you have to do is to go to the Snapchat support site where you will find a long list of questions, that may be related to what you are facing.

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