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Simple Amazing iPhone tips for seniors

As we age in life there is every possibility that the way we handle our phone might probably not the same way we use to when we are a bit younger. However, no matter your age you can still make use of any iPhone of your choice.

When it comes to using phones most seniors will like to go for iPhone, and sometimes the younger ones do ask why using iPhone.

In fact, you need to give the seniors what they really want, when it comes to phones. If you want them to communicate with ease, easy communication is one of the best ways to get close to the seniors. You need to get along with the seniors through effective communication.

One thing you have to understand is that the way the seniors make use of their iPhones is a bit confusing. Several elderly people don’t really set up their iPhones. Once they get their phone they start making use of it straight away, without making any effort to set the phone to suit their choice of operation.

Not everyone can get their head and start going to setting to set up certain features on the phone. Therefore, the best phone for most people can be the worst phone for the elderly once. But as you read on you will come across some amazing iPhone tips that will assist the elderly once to operate their iPhone with ease without help from anyone. Here are some of the iPhone tips for seniors.

iPhone tips for seniors

Increase the screen text size

Since several older people usually face challenges with the sizes of text on the phone screen, it will be better to assist the seniors to increase the sizes of text on their iPhones. One good reason to help them increase the text size on their screen is to perfect their readability. Therefore, to adjust the size text you can follow the walkway below.

  • Open the settings option on your iPhone
  • Tap on accessibility, next tap on display, and text size
  • Then select the larger text size
  • Next, adjust the slider to fit in the text size that you want
  • Once this is done the text size will automatically adjust to the size that you choose

Make use of the speak option

Most people don’t really know that their iPhone can read text messages. For the elderly, once this is one of the best ways for them to read text, you don’t need to look at your screen trying to read text.

  • Follow the walkway below to enable the setting
  • Go to the setting option on your iPhone
  • Tap on accessibility
  • A drop list menu will appear then tap on spoken content
  • Next, you have to enable the speech
  • Once this is done you will see a speak selection for reading aloud
  • You can also go to the voice option to select the voice of your choice

Arrange preferred contacts

You can decide to arrange your desire contacts on your iPhone, this makes it easy to keep a close check on your favorite contacts. By taking this type of step makes your iPhone friendlier with you.  

Once you need a contact from your phone you don’t have to start scrolling your contact list. Therefore, here is how you can easily arrange your preferred contacts on your iPhone.

  • Navigate to your phone app
  • Choose favorites from the bottom bar
  • Then tap on the Plus image
  • Next, you have to select the contact that you want to add to your preferred contact list
  • You have to repeat the process for every contact that you want to add to your preferred list.

Medical identity set up

This is a good idea especially for the seniors where their medical identity can be easily tracked for any emergence. There are some useful tips where you can set up your medical Id right inside your iPhone.

All you have to do is to use your iPhone health app, which is similar to a digital medical ID tag. Through this, your existing health situation can be tracked.

What I really like about the medical identity setup is that it gives full details about the person’s health. Nevertheless, it’s useful when the holder is unconscious and unable to speak. this is a good iPhone tip for the seniors

How to set up Medical identity on your iPhone

  • Open the Health app on your iPhone
  • Then tap on your profile photo
  • Select the medical ID by making sure that the lock is allowed, doing so means that your information is accessible to everyone.

with all the above amazing iPhone tips for seniors, the seniors can easily make use of their iPhone without help from anyone.


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