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OFX – How to open and Transfer money with OFX Account

OFX is an online service that provides financial information to users. OFX is known as Open Financial Exchange which progress from Microsoft open financial connectivity. In fact, when it comes to money transfer OFX is a clear boss; it works pretty well for most people. If you are thinking of sending a larger amount of money, OFX is one of the top online transfer services that you can trust on.

Send money to anyone from wherever you are in the world with OFX. It fast and reliable in teams of fees and charges, one major point that a lot of people usually aim at is for their money to arrive timely and safe.

Therefore, you can send money with ease and enjoy a low cost of service with OFX. Everyone wants to save money, that is why OFX give their customer the ability to check their OFX account and calculate the cost and match up with the interbank rate.

How it Operate

OFX is basically designed to make a transfer of money more reliably and faster. Nevertheless, you can track your transfer with ease by logging into your OFX account. But, you need to register by navigating to the official home page.

You will also need to verify your identity by making use of your email; you may also receive a call from the support team to assists you. By asking you to forward some of your personal ID and some useful information and just answer a few questions.

After you have registered you can log in and set up a deal. This can be done on your phone all you have to do is to choose the currencies that you wish to do your transaction on.

However, if you don’t have a sufficient fund on your account it means your transaction will not be successful. Therefore, you need to fund your account, this has to do with the amount you want to transfer.

To fund your OFX account is easy but it has to do with the bank in your country. Let take a quick look and see some ways you can fund your account. ACH Direct Debit (US) Wire Transfer (Canada and US) Electronic Bank Transfer (Canada, Australia, UK, and the US) Monitor your transfer from wherever you are and take charge of your OFX account.

How to open OFX Account

  • Navigate to the OFX official page
  • Then click on the top right corner of your screen
  • A drop list menu will appear
  • Click on it and fill in your details

Once, you are done with the registration process you will receive a call from the OXF team to help complete your registration.  After you have set up your account details, you will be provided with the information that you needed to key start the means of getting paid.

Is OFX Legit

Without a doubt, OFX is probably one of the top dependable international payment solutions in the world. The company has been in existence since 1988 and has managed more than $150 billion transactions to various people and origination from all over the world.

This makes it the most experienced and exceptional foreign exchange business in the entire globe. Nevertheless, it offers personal and corporate origination with swift and cost-efficiency.

Furthermore, you can transfer money to 197 countries in the world and different currencies. Therefore, making it easier for you to transfer money through your phone. It enables 24/7 services to their customers.

OFX is listed in the Australian stock market which makes it legit. In addition, the company is authorized by the UK financial conduct authority. With this, you can trust OFX that your money is in a safe hand. Making use of the money transfer services is easy and simple to use.

How can I use OFX?

  • Firstly you need to register
  • Next, get authorize and login
  • Then key in the beneficiary bank account information
  • After that secure in your transfer
  • Once this is done align a direct debit

One of the major aims of the OFX is to ensure that your funds get to the beneficiary with no maximum transfer boundary. Therefore, make a fast move and download the app on your device. The app is available on iOS and Android phones. Take charge of scheduled and recurring transfers on the move.

5 Top Options to Open Financial Exchange

Here are five top transferring sites where you can also send money with ease and a good fixable exchange rate, just as the open financial exchange. With any of the below money transfer services, you can transfer money to friends and anyone in the world.

  1. TorFx
  2. Sharemoney
  3. WorldRemit
  4. XE Money Transfer
  5. MoneyGram

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