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Mercari – How does Mercari work for buyers?

Mercari is an online platform where buyers can buy items with ease from the comfort of their homes. While those that are putting up their items for sale can display them on the Mercari site. Therefore, if you are looking for where you can get various items ranging from toys, clothing, and more you can download the app for easy access.


Mercari is a fast-growing E-Commerce Company located in Japan and currently being operated in Japan and the United States. Thinking on how you can get your items to deliver to you, once you place an order for an item Mercari will get it to deliver to you no matter where you are.

Mercari has made shipping easier for customers. Every item has to be weight before shipping to customers. The weight of your item has to determine the cost. In fact, you can save more on postage by making use of prepaid labels. The Mercari prepaid labels are designed to help buyers get about 60% off carrier cost.

A lot of sellers choose to use the Mercari prepaid label. Sellers can decide if they will offer free shipping to their customers or if the customers have to pay for the shipping. Furthermore, if a seller is offering free shipping it means the seller will also have to make a choice if to make use of the Mercari label or make use of its own printout.

However, if you have been wondering how you can make use of the Mercari site to sell out your items. All you have to do is to make sure that you follow the entail steps that will be given to you below.

How to Start Selling

  • Create an account with Mercari
  • Then navigate to the official home page and click on the sell on Mercari button
  • List out your items and click the sell button
  • You have to take a good photo of your items make sure you take every angle
  • Give out the description of the item in full details
  • Next, you have to search for the item and see the price range of other sellers
  • Once, someone places an order you will be notified and with an email shipping label that you have to print
  • Pack the item carefully and stick the print out a label to the item
  • Next, you have to ship

How much does it Cost to sell on Mercari

Selling on Mercari gives you the opportunity to sell your items to millions of people online. The e-Commerce platform allows you to sell with ease. However, the site doesn’t charge much, what they only charge is about 10% commission on sales.

Nonetheless, an additional charge of $2 is not left out for the processing fee. They also charge sellers $0.30 for every payment made from a buyer.

How does Mecari work for buyers?

It provides a reliable and affable online marketplace for buyers, for every item a buyer purchase Mercari make sure that the item gets to the customer, before releasing money for payment to the seller. Once the transaction is completed both the seller and the buyer have to rate themselves.

Therefore, before a seller is been paid for an item the buyers need to confirm that item has been received. The rating aspect is very important because the buyer needs to rate the seller. However, if after 3 days of receiving an item and the buyer refuse to rate the seller. Mercari will automatically rate the seller so that the seller can be pay.

Once the deal is rated it means the buyer can no longer make returns. But if the item is not as described on the listing online you can decide to make a return within 3 days of when you got the item. However, you have to take a photo to provide evidence; once your return is approved a prepaid shipping label will be forwarded to you.

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