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Kiddle – is Kiddle actually Safe for Children

Kiddle is actually a search engine for children with a diagram that helps kids to be safe. In fact, it can also be call kid encyclopedia information. Nevertheless, kiddle can be used to research various topics for school homework, it contains different school subjects that are useful for kids to take homework. You can use the kiddle site to get an image for your kids.

However, the kiddle encyclopedia site is free for everyone that is why their aim is kid’s safety. Therefore, the kiddle site is a trusted site that is not only for kids, but the site also is not specifically written for kids. However, the content written is in a straightforward way that is easy for kids to easily understand.

One good thing about the kiddle search result is that all the illustration has a big thumbnail. With these kids don’t need to click, the thumbnails function as diagram sign. Furthermore, the big Arial font serves as good readability for kids most especially for those with bad eyes sight.

Therefore, parents have to understand that Kiddle is a search engine created to protected kids. In fact, it is purposely designed to prevent blasphemy and every other doubtful word from the search end result.

Kiddle has more educational value for kids and it helps the kid to understand things better and fast, with its diagram on it. However, users can make some keywords to be blocked for their kids.

Is Kiddle actually Safe

The main aim for kiddle is to protect kid that is why the search engine is free from the adult themes. In fact, as a parent, you can have control over the site because the site has parental control. This gives the parent the ability to block certain keyword from not appearing on the site.

The Kiddle search engine helps filters out an inappropriate image on its site thereby creating room for safety for kids uses. Furthermore, every rated eighteen contents on the site are to get rid of for kids, thereby making the site friendly use. Nevertheless, kiddle serves as an act in response to a safe internet search. In addition, it necessary that parents teach their kids online safety.

Another safe tool form the Kiddle is that it asks users to present their search terms because every bad word is put off. In fact, certain words are been blocked for kids not to see.  What I actually understand is that the editors are putting in concern about what most people are giving advice on. With the kiddle search engine, you can’t access any social media channel directly.

How Kiddle works

  • It gets rid of sexually image and video
  • Help filters out bad words for kids
  • It an online encyclopedia for kids
  • Users can easily switch to the SafeSearch                     
  • Basically provided to safe guide young children online
  • It gives parents the ability to control and block certain word
  • Users friendly and has a lot of educational advantage for kids
  • It works in an amazing way by flooring out adult content on its search end result

Bottom line

The search engine is actually safe for kids, the search results are amazing it works in a wonderful way. In fact, it is totally different from Google. I personally make some findings to check how safe the kiddle search engine is, and what I actually came across was something to write home about.

However, parents should walk their kids through on how to use the kiddle search. Furthermore, once your kid is above 10, I think it will be better for you not to allow your kid to use the kiddle search.

These days children grow up fast and also learn very fast, once a child is up to 10 years of age they can easily manipulate things on their own. Therefore, parents should pay a close look at their kids anytime they are online.

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