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Is Popcornflix Really Free

Most people have been asking if Popcornflix is really free the answer is capital YES. Users can stream movies and other TV shows for free without making any down payment of any monthly fees. Therefore, you too can easily stream any of your favorites movies from the Popcornflix site. Popcornflix has a full lengthwise of different movies category.

 Popcornflix allows it, users, to stream directly from their Android and iOS with ease. However, you can download the app on your phone and stream it from wherever you are. You don’t need to make payment for any subscription. All you have to do is to stream any type of movies or TV series that you wish to watch.

In fact, what Popcornflix does basically is to offer free streaming of movies and other TV shows to millions of its customers for free. Nevertheless, there are no hidden fees that are fixed to it. Well, many people will be wondering how they make their money.

They make their money through advertisements, due to its wide independent of motion pictures dispenser in all over the world. A lot of media wants to run advertisements on their platform that is why you will experience advertisements pop in from time to time as you watch movies.

Procedure to Watch Popcornflix

All you have to do is to navigate to the Popcornflix site and create an account that will give you easy access to stream directly from your devices. Nevertheless, you can also watch TV series with ease directly from the Popcornflix site, for easy access you can download the Popcornflix app on your device.

Therefore, you can watch movies or any of your favorites TV series on your Android phone, Apple TV, Roku, iOS phone, and many more. Don’t be left out of this make a fast move and download the Popcornflix app on your device and enjoy watching free movies on Popcornflix.

However, kids are also not left out of these as there is Popcornflix kids TV. The Popcornflix kid’s site has amazing movies for kids and mind-blowing cartons for kids. That will keep your kids busy all day long, your kids can watch free Popcornflix kids TV show.

Guidelines on How to use Popcornflix App

Once you have downloaded the app on your device sign in with your user information, once this is done you can start watching movies from your devices. One good reason why you have to download the Popcornflix is that it gives you a clear image.

However, the phone app is one of the best devices I will personally advise you to stream movies from because of its clearness and uniqueness. Furthermore, Popcornflix has amazing features that allow users to add comments which gives other users a reason to stream and also have the ability to view comments before going ahead to stream.

Users also have access to a variety of movies by making use of the menu option which can be found at the top of your screen. However, once you tap on the menu list you will come across a variety of movies that you can watch for free.

It is one of the best sites to stream free movies online easily, therefore if you are looking for where you can stream free movies and other TV shows you can navigate to Popcornflix site. Enjoy amazing movies from all categories of movies that will take you oof your mind.


  • The enormous content of movies and TV series on the site
  • No subscription fees are require
  • It gives kids the ability to watch amazing cartons
  • It also gives users the ability to comment on certain movies


  • Ads keep popping up
  • The video quality is low which makes it difficult for users to enjoy clear video
  • Difficult to come across current movies
  • Video buffering

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