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How to use WhatsApp to Expand Your Business

WhatsApp is a mobile app that makes use of the internet link of your device. However, you need to, first of all, understand how it works; with this, you will be able to know the reason why you need WhatsApp to expand your business. However, Once you are connected to the internet you will be able to chat with your phone and do anything online with your phone.

In fact, recently WhatsApp has become present in everyone’s phone. Nevertheless, it is rank as one of the top messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp is well recognized as the best alternative to SMS all over the world.

Billion of messages are sent through WhatsApp on a daily basis. Therefore, you can use this great opportunity to expand your business, by sending messages across to all your contacts. In fact, WhatsApp has the top preferred messaging application in the globe.

With such acceptance, you need WhatsApp to expand your business. One of the best ways to include WhatsApp to your business is by using the marketing campaign strategy. Once you are able to adapt it to your business you are on the right track.

All you have to do is to target your potential customers through your WhatsApp. Make sure you engage all your contacts on your phone by sending messages to them. However, about 93% of WhatsApp are wide open in just 2 seconds when received.

Expanding your Business with WhatsApp

Make use of the One on One Chat Method

You can use the one on one chat to chat directly with those that are on your phone contact list. This method allows you to send messages to different contact on your phone. Furthermore, you can decide to do a video call or recorded audio clip.

One good thing about the one on one chat method you can talk to the person directly, by marketing your brand. Once you start chatting with anyone on your contact list that has your number will easily recognize you.


This is another place where you can easily get your targeted audience with ease. All you just have to do is to share or display your items. However, the WhatsApp group is where you can find different categories of people. In a group every member can easily see your post, so once you share any of your brands every member of that group will see it.

Therefore, this gives you the advantage to advertise your items to every member of the group. Another thing you need to understand is that you must know how to make use of how to share your brand on the WhatsApp group. You don’t have to bombard the group with your items because it can annoy some other members of the group.

Mass Messages Send Out

Sending out mass Whatsapp messages to people on your phone list is another great Whatsapp marketing tool. That can help you to expand your business. It will assist you to run a successful WhatsApp business strategy.

Furthermore, you can schedule your messages through video, audio, images, and text using. Whatever means you want to use to pass messages across to your audience you can use it. With this type of method, you can reply massages forward to you through any of your contacts.

Making use of WhatsApp strategy to expand your business is a good idea that will help your business to run on smooth ground. You need to be creative and make use of a different type of method to get your targeted audience.

You can also make use of the WhatsApp broadcast list to forward a message to everyone on your phone list. This method helps a lot, the receivers will see a message on their phone the way they see normal messages. Therefore, if you are yet to start using it as a tool to expand your business you are not doing yourself any good.  

Reasons why you need WhatsApp for your Business

  • The total number of people that make use of the application keeps increasing on a daily basis.
  • The application has about 53 different languages
  • Currently have about 170 million active users
  • About 60 million video calls are made on each day
  • 150 million voice calls are also made on everyday
  • Presently about 109 countries are making use of the app.

Therefore, you should not be left out of these. In fact, there are many reasons why you need WhatsApp for your business. Make use of WhatsApp as a fraction of your business tool. One good thing I really like about it is that it gives you the potential to communicate with your clients with ease.

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