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How to use LinkedIn to Get a Job – LinkedIn Job

LinkedIn is one of the best online platforms where job seekers can easily get a job. In fact, they are a lot of job opening on LinkedIn, but most people did not know about it. Well due to not posting pictures may probably cause a recruiter to get your LinkedIn outline.

Nevertheless, most recruiters have been able to use LinkedIn to get a perfect job searcher. However, LinkedIn is the primary professional job-seeking site that allows you to get your dream job. Furthermore, is a helpful way to assist those that are searching for a job opening.

Most companies publicize job vacancies on LinkedIn and also admit applicants through. Moreover, you can look for a job on the site, even if you don’t have an account with LinkedIn. All you have to do is to navigate into the site and click on the job search.

However, one thing about LinkedIn is it helps you link up with people. What you have to do is accept every request as they come in. Therefore, to get your dream job through LinkedIn is to make sure you have a good write up. A good headline that will catch your reader’s attention.

 How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job

Every job seeker should be able to use LinkedIn with ease. However, what you need to do is to download the app on your mobile phone for easy access. In fact, you can display your skills through your profile, make sure that your profile is not too loaded.

Furthermore, make sure you update your skills from time to time. Nevertheless, you can buildup yourself on new skills with it you can take out every obsolete skill from your profile. However, as you read on you will find some useful tips on how to use LinkedIn to get a perfect Job.

  • Select a Brilliant Photo

This is the first step that you need to work on; you have to make sure that your photo is nice. Get a clear photo of yourself that is excellent, the type of photo you upload on your profile matters a lot. Nevertheless, you can take a look at other people photo to see the type of photo that they use

However, your photo should be professional and you must be well dressed in it. Never leave your LinkedIn photo empty fill that space with your photo. Don’t upload any photo that carries someone standing next to you. Be real in any of your photos that you may like to use for your profile.

  • Be Reachable

You need to make yourself easy to get to. One major problem that most LinkedIn users usually have is that they don’t make themself available. In fact, most of them don’t put up their phone number or email address.  Therefore, for other people to be able to reach you, you have to put in your contact for easy reach.

  • Get Your Status Updated

Update your status from time to time your LinkedIn status needs to be updated. Work on your status and keep it up to date. However, recruiters always go through job seekers’ status. This is the only strategic means for your whole network to see your update. However, it will make a lot of sense for you to get your status updated once a week.

  • Make Your Profile Similar to Your Resume

You have to make your profile look the way your resume is. Your resume has to draw attention to entire activities. In fact, your LinkedIn profile needs to look similar to your resume. Your skills have to be in bulleting form to best explain what you really do. Nevertheless, you should allow your readers to know your worth.

  • Reflect on LinkedIn Like a Search Engine

 It gives users the ability to make use of it as a search engine. In fact, you can use it to seek for a job. Nevertheless, most recruiters use LinkedIn to search for job seekers that will match their category of job seekers that they are looking for. Therefore, you can use LinkedIn to look for a job, what you need to do is to create your skill with a significant keyword. In facts, you get a keyword for your LinkedIn that you will easily be found.

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