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Guide on How to Download and Install Google Maps App

Navigate your way with the Google maps on your device. The maps allow users to easily find their direction with ease, you can use the maps on your vehicles to get to your designated point. The google maps app is much available for those using Android and iOS.

However, if you are on a journey and you are not too familiar with where you are going. You can decide to make use of the Google maps to guide you through, not to miss your way to your destination. Every single minute of the day various people are making use of the Google map for direction.

 Furthermore, this app allows its users to forward information from PC to their Android phones. Nevertheless, you can install the app on any of your devices. All you have to do is to download the app first on any of your devices. The Google maps app can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

For those that are using Android, you can navigate to the google play store to download the app on your Android. iOS users are not left out of these as they can also download the app from the Apple app store. However, the application is totally free; you don’t need to make any down payment before downloading the app.

Furthermore, if you already have the Google maps on your device you can update the app to get more features that can allow you to do many things. The newest Google maps are APK 9.11.1, it notifies you of where you are going on your device.

Guide on How to Download Google Maps App

  • Navigate to the google play store
  • Enter the keyword Google map on the top corner of the search bar
  • Once it comes up tap on the install option by your right-hand side of your phone screen
  • Next, the app will automatically be installed on your phone

However, before you download the app on your phone, be sure that your phone is connected to the internet. Once you are done with the installation you have to run a test on the map by searching for a place. Therefore, you can navigate your way with the Google maps from wherever you are once you are connected to the internet.

Can I download the Google maps on my Windows 10

You can download the Google maps on your Windows 10. However, you will need an additional app that will enable the map to work on your PC. The additional app is known as the app launcher, it allows users to easily operate the maps.

Nevertheless, it enables the app to load very fast and it gives users the ability to easily access the maps. In fact, you don’t need any installation of the maps on your PC, whenever you want to make use of it all you have to do is to visit the site.

Furthermore, you can launch the maps directly on your Chrome since the maps cannot stand on its own on windows. There is a need for you to download the app launcher that will give Google maps a drive and make it works on Chrome. Therefore, you have to install the app launcher on your chrome.

How to Install the App Launcher

  • Go to Chrome and look for the add to chrome option by the right-hand side of your screen with blue background
  • Next, you have to click on the add to Chrome
  • Launch the maps on your Windows 10 menu startup
  • Once this is done you can view the maps from your Windows 10

 Google Maps Pros

  • A faster route to your destination
  • Easily locate a restaurant near you
  • You can easily locate an address
  • It gives you direction
  • It builds your confident on-road when you are traveling to where you are not families with


  • Errors may occur  
  • Google maps will not inform you of bad roads
  • Some far distant may possibly not in the Google maps
  • Poor internet network can easily affect it
  • It can miss lead you

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