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Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb using Voice Command to turn on and off your Smart Bulb

Illuminate your home with the Eufy Lumos smart bulb and feel the real brightness of the light. The Eufy Lumos smart bulb can be adjusted from a warm glow to a cool white light to any perfect choice that will fit your activity. The smart bulb can be controlled with the Eufy home app from anywhere you are through the internet.

 The Eufy Lumos smart bulb is designed to meet the needs of those that want to dip their homes into a smart home. The smart bulb comes in a LED type; one good thing I really like about the Eufy Lumos smart bulb is that you can use it to schedule your program.

Just as you might expect, the Eufy smart LED bulb is nice looking and anyone will want to go for it. The smart bulb comes in a simple shape and relatively within your means. You can connect the bulb via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and its base type is E26.

One thing I love about lighting is that is great fun especially the color-changing bulb, which gives your home a pretty look. The smart bulb adds up to about 17 million alternative colors outside the white color.

Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb

The Eufy Lumos smart bulbs support Alexa and google assistant which allows you to make use of voice control. Nevertheless, you can also use the interface basic function to brighten and dim the bulb.

Remember that I told you earlier that you can use the smart bulb to schedule your system. The scheduling system lets you turn your bulb off and on.

Once you have turned on the schedule and when it is time the light will return to 100% brightness in spite of how bright it was before. However, you don’t have to be an Alexa user before you can successfully connect with the bulb.

But am not an Alexa user can I connect my Eufy smart bulb

In fact, just as I said above that you don’t necessarily have to be an Alexa user before you can get your smart bulb connected. All you just have to do is to download the free Eufy home app on any of your devices. Once you are able to get the free app then you are good to go.

Thinking of where you can get the Eufy app? For those that are using Ios, you can get the app from the Apple Store, and for those using Android, you can navigate to the play store to download the Eufyhome app for free. Eufyhome app does an amazing job by linking you with the smart bulb and giving a clear pretty way to make use of the control.

Furthermore, you can decide to group the whole bulbs in your home and manage the control at once. You can schedule a specific light to gradually fade away over a period of time, without you getting out of your bed to dim your light.

Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb Features

  • It does not require a hub
  • Lifespan 17 years
  • It has vibrant colors
  • Ability to dim brightness via Eufyhome app
  • It comes in 5.5 by 2.6 inches
  • It is rated 800 lumens
  • The smart bulb does not depend on Bluetooth

How can I use the EufyHome app

  • Navigate to your apple store or play store and download the app
  • Next, you have to create an account
  • Then lookout for the plus button on your device menu and tap on it
  • Once this is done follow the instructions that will be provided
  • Fix in the bulb once it is done it will flash several colors before it will settle on white
  • Then you have to connect the bulb WI-FI network for a brief use before you proceed to fix it to your set of connection

Voice Command

However, you can also set up the Alexa and the Google assistant, which have to be done through Google or the Alexa home app. What you just have to do is to allow the EufyHome ability and connect it with your account. This gives you the ability to make use of the voice commands by using your Google home or another support device.

You can issue voice commands to dim or brighten your light. Nevertheless, you can also use the voice command to turn on and off your smart bulb and change it to a specific color of your choice.

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