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BlueStacks: How to Install and Use BlueStacks on your Computer

Bluestacks allows users to make use of their android N windows; you can install several android apps on your windows through the assistance of the Bluestacks software. Nevertheless, you can also make use of certain features from your system with the help of an android app. Furthermore, you can adjust the size of your screen to any size of your choice.

Therefore, to have access to your android app right on your system you need Bluestacks. Once you are able to run Bluestacks on your computer you will be able to stream the android games with ease. In fact, the Bluestacks app is purposely created for easy accessibility for windows.

Experience the ease of gameplay on your system with the help of your mouse and keyboard. If you still play games the old way on your android phone why don’t you step up and download the Bluestacks app on your PC and take advantage of it.

However, you can also download the macOS on your system. Mind you, for you to download the Bluestacks on your macOS. It requires an administrator account for it to be able to install.

One good thing about the Bluestacks is that it can actually be run on many android apps. To enjoy the maximum use of Bluestacks is to download the app on your system. In fact, it also has a premium alternative that allows users to enjoy gameplay faster.

How to Install Bluestacks on Your Computer

  • Your system must be connected to the internet
  • Navigate to the official home page of Bluestacks
  • Once it opens lookout for the download button and clicks on it
  • Next, run the downloaded file
  • Once it is downloaded the Bluestacks will come up as a reflex action
  • After that, you will be given an opening where you will be asked to sign in to your Google play account
  • Once you are done with the sing-in of your Google account, then you can go ahead to install the android app on your system.

However, before you can advance to install the android app on your computer. You have to firstly install the Bluestacks app for a smooth performance.

If you have been wondering how you can download the Bluestacks app, all you have to do is to navigate to the google play store and type on the search bar Bluestacks app. Once it comes up click on it and proceed to download.

Download with ease and take charge of your computer by taking the edge on the wheel to multitask. Yes, you can multitask on your PC.  Switch from one option of game to another game from your system. You can also quickly check what is going on, on social media while playing a game.

How to Use BlueStacks on Your Computer

  • Your computer must have windows 7 or the most recent Microsoft windows
  • You need an advanced graphics driver
  • Next, you must have an Intel processor
  • You also need no less than 2 GB of RAM
  • SSD storage is also need

How Secure is BlueStacks on Computer

When Bluestacks was first introduced to the public. A lot of people refuse to download the app on their PC. But, as time goes on people started to download the app on their system. In fact, Bluestacks is safe and reliable to use on your computer. However, you can’t stop to doubt how secure it is because several antivirus software spots out BlueStacks as a major menace.

Therefore, there is no actual fact to prove that BlueStacks is malicious. In fact, one of the wells knows android emulator is BlueStacks. Millions of people have been making use of it because of how secure it is on PC. However, if you are still doubtful about how secure it is you can download the app.

You don’t need to have a sleepless night about how secure is BlueStacks. In fact, with its high performance and its smooth convenience to users. On the other hand, if you are still using the older version of BlueStacks. All you just have to do is to update it to the recent version for safety purposes.


The functioning of BlueStacks is amazing, you need to have a large sizeable amount of space on your computer. For it to function at its best capacity it needs enough space to run on. Besides, if you are making use of a computer that has a small space, what might happen is that the software may possibly trigger some harmful effect on your PC.

All the same, you don’t need to wonder why; the reason is as a result of its high RAM and CPU handling. Besides, it will slow down the functioning of your PC. But if you have a large space on your system you are on the right track.

Therefore, for a better gaming experience, your computer must have Microsoft Windows 10. The RAM has to be 8GB whatever the case may be. Nevertheless, you also need a good internet source, an AMD multi-core processor is also needed. A good graphics driver that is advanced will also be of benefit.

Bottom Line

Once you are able to install the software on your Windows or Mac, you can successfully make use of any android application right on your computer. Furthermore, you can use it for any different types of games and other social media applications. Do you really know one good thing about the BlueStacks. It is easy to assess and can be used with other android apps on the Google play store.

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