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Best Kid’s Apps Games for Android and iPhone

Kid’s apps are basically created for kids that love playing games. This is one of the things that usually keep them busy from time to time. In fact, they are many kids apps games that you can download for your children to play.

But getting the best games for them can become a problem. Therefore, all you have to do is to continue reading this article as you will be directed on how to get the best app games for your kids.

 There are several games that you can download for your kids, ranges from educative, creative, critical thinking and many more. Download several amazing games for your kids to keep them busy instead of them running around the house. In fact, kids love playing games on the phone and tablets these days.

Therefore, parents should use this opportunity to keep their kids full of activity by playing nice educative games. However, every game that will be listed here will be suitable for both genders beginning from ages 5 to 12. Every game will give your kids a nice experience and it free from any aggression.

In recent times it has become so difficult to find any kid’s apps games without charges. In fact, many games that are listed here have to do with app purchases. Nevertheless, these kid’s apps will give your kids the very best in all category starting from educative, critical thinking, problem-solving and more.

Best Kid’s Apps Games for Android and iPhone

LIama Spit Spit

This game has to do with an oddball shoot with great controls that gives users free access to easily get on board. The Llama spit spit has some funny cartoon with a mix of powerful armaments. However, this game can be downloaded on Andriod and ios. One good thing about this game is that it has no Ads on it which makes it interesting.

Disney Crossy Road

This game has a lot of Disney characters on it. The game also has nice visuals that give kids a clear view. With over 100 shapes to look out for, it allows users to collect coins while playing.

However, this game is available for Android and Ios users. The Disney crossroad has some blocky temperament that jumps across a nonstop location that tries to stay away from a dip in the river.


This is an amazing game that you don’t have to overlook. In fact, this game is about a robot, making sure that the robot gets to aim of destination. However, this game has no Escher-akin to optical delusion. Nevertheless, this game is appropriate for both adults and kids.

Epic App

This game comes with an E-book library that contains about 35,000 kids’ books. Epic is more of a reading app for kids, it’s basically for kids that are trying to learn how to read. In fact, this kid’s app is a great app for kids to keep them occupied. Therefore, parents can get this app for their kids from ages 2 – 12.

Quick Math Jr

This app is for kids that are in a basics class. In recent times, kids are been seen shying away from math. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to get this app and start preparing their kids for the feature.

This app will help change numbers to impressive learning. This app has about 12 various math ability, that will help your kids to learn math faster.

However, it is tough to keep kids occupied, particularly whenever they are out of school. This is probably when you will want your kids to play with your phone. For these reasons, it will make more sense if parents can get any of the above kid’s apps to keep their kids engaged. You can get any of the above kid’s apps games for Android and iPhone.

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