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Android – How to Clear Virus from your Android Phone

  It is not the only human being that picks up viruses, Android phones can also be a victim of viruses once it’s infected by malware. However, malware is malicious software that attacks phones with the aim to cause damage.

In fact, cybercriminals usually use malware to gain access to your private information. Once they are able to get your personal detail they will use it to commit fraud.

However, if your Android is infected with a virus you can carry out a factory reset on it to remove the virus. But they could be some probability that you will lose your photos, games, and others if you don’t back up your Android. Nonetheless, once your Android picks a virus your last decision should be factory reset.

A factory reset should not be the last option for you when your phone is infected by a virus. In fact, you can get rid of the virus from your Android with no factory reset. However, as you continue reading this article I will tell you how you can get rid of viruses on your Android.

A virus can cause your phone not to function well, assume your Android phone got crashes anytime you put it on. Or you find it difficult to download apps from the play store; this may not be due to a virus attack it may be some common problem on your phone that may perhaps fix easily.

How to clear the virus from your Android phone

Once you noticed that you have malware on your Android phone, it is necessary that you prevent the malware from causing additional harm. Therefore, you can follow the simple steps below

  • Hold on to the power button of your phone to put it off
  • Allow your phone to reboot to the safe mode
  • Go to setting and force close the doubtful app
  •  Identify the app with the virus and delete it
  • Next, download and install robust software to scan your phone

In addition, if you noticed that your Android phone didn’t boot as usual, due to the infection of the virus. What you have to do is to put your phone in safe mode. Press down the power and volume up button at the same time.

Your Android phone logo will come up, once it appears release the power button and still hold on to the volume button. A safe mode will appear on the left side of your screen.

However, this may probably not work on some Android phones because of differences in the manufacturer. In fact, manufacturers have different hardware. 

How to spot out if your Phone has a virus

  • Your Android phone is very slow
  • Find it difficult to download apps
  • The battery easily gets exhaust
  • Too many pop-up ads
  • So many apps on your Android phone which you didn’t download
  • Regular unexplained data usage

However, you can check for viruses on your phone from time to time. All you need to do is to get antivirus software on your Android phone. Make sure the software has a security code on it if you are buying. Nevertheless, they are also many free antivirus software that you can get for your phone to protect it from malware.

In fact, a good way to make sure that your phone did not have a virus is to run the antivirus scan on your Android.  Allow the software to run completely and do not overlook any weakness because it may cause incomplete scans. Furthermore, most internal damage on the phone is usually caused by viruses.

Basic steps to protect your Android Phone from Virus

  • In no way use an unsecured wi-fi
  • Install apps only from a trusted base
  • Make use of robust safety software
  • Avoid clicking on strange links in your mail
  • Always update your apps to the recent versions
  • Make use of a strong password
  • Avoid tapping on untrusted ads
  • Don’t download from a doubtful website

Bottom line

You can totally avoid viruses on your Android phone once you are able to follow the above steps. In fact, protecting your phone from viruses is a good idea. Nevertheless, protecting your phone with good antivirus software will also help prevent malware.

Most apps install from major third parties show to be the basis of malware. Therefore, whenever you want to download any particular app, be sure of the source of the app before going ahead to install it.

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